Compadre Thursday

3 Jan

This is Coleen.

Coleen ACL

She is one of my closest friends. I am pretty sure that I have to have unlimited texting in my cell phone plan mainly because we are always telling each other everything that comes into our heads.

A couple of years ago, due to a slight miscommunication during one of these texting conversations, Coleen and I decided that we should always call each other “compadre.” Now most of our conversations start out with some kind of reference to that term. (“How great are sports, compadre?” or “Ugh, compadre, it’s too early.”)

When I said last night, “I’ve started a blog, compadre,” she made fun of me at first, but later she asked if I was going to do “Compadre Thursdays” where I tell stories about my compadre. So that’s what I’ve decided to do. She once wrote a Wikipedia article about herself that was subsequently removed, so maybe Compadre Thursdays will make up for that.

Honestly, my compadre is someone who will probably never leave me short of stories to tell. Between her being a weightlifter with a philosophy degree…

coleen lifting

…being always willing to drink beer with me and get photobombed by a neon sign…


…and always reminding me to calm down and not worry so much…

coleen in the sun

…I don’t think I’ll run out of material any time soon.


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    […] Here is a very short story about my compadre. […]

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