a great day (pho sho)

5 Jan

Today was an unexpectedly great day. I could really just add this entire day to my jar of happy things in 2013.

The Denver Art Museum offers free admission to its regular collection on the first Saturday of every month. After a little convincing on my part—Nathan was worried that we’d run into too many screaming kids in the crowd—we trekked downtown for our first visit. It had been a while since I’d been in a big museum, and I definitely wasn’t disappointed. The place is huge, and it took us a couple of leisurely hours to get through all seven levels. I love the calming effect that museums have on me, and the possibility of coming across a piece I didn’t know existed by a favorite artist, like this one by Roy Lichtenstein (source):


I may just be partial to it because my grandfather was a violinist, but I think it’s pretty sweet.

We left the museum and had lattes at the first café the GPS directed us to. I have a thing for lattes lately. Then we came home and this happened:


Homemade pho. Nathan used this recipe, but he made half as it’s written for him and half with vegetable broth for me since I don’t do the beef thing, even in broth form. I marinated and baked some tofu to add to mine. The whole thing was delicious.

We also enjoyed some mojitos along with it—not because Vietnamese food made us crave them but because if we were already using a recipe that requires lime and mint, why not just pick up some rum as well and mix it all with some of the sparkling water we always have on hand? Right? Like I said, a pretty perfect day.

What’s your idea of a perfect day?


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