congrats on that chicken

10 Jan

Here is a very short story about my compadre.

Or maybe it’s not so much as story as evidence that my compadre and I are the best compadres. A conversation last night, which Coleen started out of nowhere shortly after I’d gotten into bed:

Coleen: Congratulate me on that chicken compadre.
me: Congrats on that chicken, compadre.
Coleen: Thank you compadre.
me: You’re welcome, compadre.
Coleen: I’d like to thank heb for putting that thai peanut marinade on sale for 2.50 and encouraging me to seize the day, and subsequently rocking my world.

Then I started giggling so much that a very sleepy Nathan had to open his eyes and ask me what I was laughing about. I told him, but I don’t think he was very impressed. He just said, “That’s weird,” and rolled over to try to sleep. Maybe he just doesn’t understand our compadreship.


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