things lost on the freeway

13 Jan

This one time last August, Nathan and I packed up all of our belongings so that we could move them a thousand miles from Louisiana to Colorado. Our goals were to a) take as little as possible (so by “all of our belongings” I meant “everything that didn’t end up in Nathan’s apartment Dumpster or my parents’ house”) and b) not spend any unnecessary money, so we fit everything in his small pickup truck and in my even smaller two-door Nissan.

It worked out pretty well. My mom and I started our trip driving west across Texas, and Nathan headed north several hours later through Arkansas so that he could drive straight through. He didn’t want to stop overnight at a hotel partially because he had so many things loose in the back of his truck, and partially because he had his cat with him in the cab.

The cat had got in the car and started making this face:


She apparently kept that expression the entire 17-hour trip. At one point near the beginning, Nathan looked at her and said, “Katze, quit being weird!” At which point she peed on his foot.

I’ve always loved that cat.

Anyway, we obviously both made it to Colorado. Nathan had unloaded his truck into our new apartment before my mom and I arrived, but he realized that he’d lost a few things along the way. His iron skillet had flown out of the truck at some point, along with his box of recipes. (We replaced the iron skillet right away, but unfortunately the recipes are lost forever since we couldn’t exactly go to Target and buy them.)

Every once in a while, we’ll realize that we’re missing something that we thought for sure we’d brought along with us. First it was his travel mug. And possibly one of my travel mugs (I don’t remember if I packed it or not). And his guitar. And a glass pie pan. And even yesterday, we had a conversation that went something like this:

me: I can’t believe you didn’t bring your dominoes with you!
him: I didn’t? I thought I packed them.
me: Did they fall out of the truck too?

And today:

him: Didn’t I used to have a spoon rest?
me: Yeah, it was white.
him: I guess it fell out of the truck.

It makes me wonder how long it will be before we stop remembering things that never made it to Colorado with us and are lost on the freeway somewhere between here and Louisiana.

Have you ever lost anything in a move?


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