a new tradition

24 Aug

Last month, on July 27, I got married in a canoe.

Of course there are hundreds of photos from that day, and maybe some day I’ll share a few, but today I just wanted to mention one of my favorite things from the wedding.

I was a Girl Scout growing up. I started as a Daisy in kindergarten, and I continued the program through high school and earned my Gold Award with my troop. Most of the girls from the last days are still some of my closest friends, and four of them were able to travel out to California for the wedding. My best friend Anna’s mother, who was always involved in with our Girl Scouting as a “troop mom,” was unable to make the trip, but she sent along a bouquet that she made for the occasion.



The round blue and gold pin is an old Brownie Girl Scout pin, so it served as my “something old” and “something blue.” But here is why I think it’s maybe the cutest thing from the entire day: The new tradition is that every time one of my Girl Scout friends gets married, we’ll pass the pin on to that person on her wedding day. Eventually, the pin will go back to Anna’s mom because it’s also “something borrowed.” Adorable, right? I’m sure Juliette Gordon Low would be proud.


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